Leah Rachel Fischer: Interesting Facts on the Viking Civilization

A dedicated paralegal, Leah Rachel Fischer has worked as part of the legal community since early 2014. Now a contract paralegal and attorney services professional, Fischer is hired and trusted by law firms to provide the reliable, accurate and comprehensive legal services needed to be of the best possible service to their clients.

When not preparing documents, taking notes or performing research, Leah Fischer pursues a variety of personal interests. One of these is the pursuit of information on her Viking heritage; the opportunity to uncover and map out the fascinating lives of those living in what is now a near-mythological civilization.

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Some relatively lesser-known, interesting facts about the Viking civilization:

They did not don horned helmets. Contrary to popular myth, there is little-to-no evidence of horned headgear in the Viking mythos.


They had great hygiene. Bathing and personal hygiene habits were norms of Viking culture.

Most Viking men were farmers. Instead of swords, most Viking men carried scythes, tending to crops and animals throughout much of each year.

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