Leah Fischer: The Function of Animal Rescues

Animal rescue operations, as Leah Fischer knows, serve an important, even necessary function, as part of the overall animal welfare system. Integral to the protection, welfare and adoption of abandoned and abused animals in communities throughout the United States, animal rescues commonly provide shelter, solace and warmth to a largely neglected and vulnerable population.

A former volunteer at adoption sites in the Bay Area, Leah Fischer understands such organizations to have an integral part in:

Rescuing Abandoned Animals

When animals are reported as neglected or abandoned, it is often these organizations that provide a welcome and immediate source of protection or relief; something that may not otherwise be available.


Connecting Animals with Good Homes

Rescue operations often serve as the conduit between neglected animals and loving families, providing a place where animals and prospective owners can connect, and where adoption can officially take place.


Controlling the Local Pet Population

Shelters and rescues often work with local veterinarians and other animal welfare organizations to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, as well as to make it easier to locate and take advantage of such services in the local community.


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